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Cheviot's Lifeplan

If you find investments difficult, you can let the Trustees make decisions about investment strategy under The Cheviot Lifeplan on your behalf. The Cheviot Lifeplan is designed to ensure that you are invested in the right investment option for you at different stages of your life.

Younger members can afford to take more risk as retirement is a long way off. Members close to retirement need to manage risk effectively to make sure their retirement plans are not blown off course by disappointing returns. The Cheviot Lifeplan helps to ensure you are invested in the right investment option for you at different stages of your life.


So if you join the scheme with around 35 years before you reach your Target Retirement Date, the Cheviot Lifeplan will invest your contributions in the Growth option to start with and then transition you through the other options, Moderate, Cautious and Retirement Planning as you get closer to retirement. If you join later, you will be invested in the relevant option for your Target Retirement Date. In the last year before retirement, 25% of your fund is moved to the Cash option to provide your tax free cash at retirement. The Cash option is only for short term investments.

The information on this page does not represent financial advice and the Trustee strongly recommends that members take independent financial advice in connection with decisions relating to their pension fund.

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