There are currently 10 directors on the board of Cheviot Trustees Limited. Four directors represent employers, four represent members and three are co-opted directors, including the Chief Executive and Chair. Four of the trustees are also professional trustees although only the Chair acts as such in respect of the Cheviot Trust.

The Board feels it is important to hear directly from employer and member representatives and that it improves the Board’s general understanding of those perspectives.

A majority of directors are also non-affiliated. This means they are independent of any business which provides advisory, administration, investment or other services to Cheviot. Together with Cheviot’s ability to appoint a range of advisers, this helps the Trustee look more widely at issues and not be constrained by a particular adviser.

The Trustee is chaired by Sir Derek Morris, a leading economist, previous Chair of the UK Competition Commission (now the Competition and Markets Authority), Chairman of the Morris Review of the Actuarial Profession in 2004-5 and chair of the Treasury’s 2009 Working Party on addressing the consequences of the financial crisis for the pensions industry.

Sir Derek Morris


Ian Gault

Vice Chair

Elspeth McKinnon

co-opted director

Diane Elliott-Smith

member representative

Gerald Kidd

employer representative and Finance Committee chairman

Frances Longmore

member representative

Giles Orton

co-opted director

Martin Poore

employer representative

Stephen Jones

employer representative

Maralyn Thomas

member representative

Cheviot’s committee structure focuses experience on relevant topics.

The Trustee uses a committee structure to enable issues to be considered in depth.

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