Cheviot’s awarding-winning communications reflects our focus on providing clear and accessible information to employers and members.

The Trustee sees communications as a key part of the services provided to employers and members. General information about Cheviot is available on this website together with investment performance.

Tailored communications, including a tailored website landing page for members, is available, usually at additional upfront cost.

Cheviot’s communication objectives

For employers

  • To provide appropriate, regular management information to help employers meet their governance responsibilities.
  • To meet with key employers at least annually.
  • To support employers to ensure they meet their obligations to employees by understanding any statutory requirements.

Quarterly management reports are issued to defined benefit scheme sponsors and include investment, membership and funding information. General management reports are available to all employers participating in the Cheviot pension. Larger employers can elect to receive a personalised report.

For members

  • To engage members in a way that enables them to understand and focus on providing sufficient income for their retirement.
  • Engagement involves developing awareness, building trust and understanding and then driving action. It is a long process over the members’ working lifetime.
  • We provide a separate website for members with a style designed to engage and explain the basics in a way that is easy to understand. The member portal allows members to view their own details, including past benefit statements, make changes to their records and see current fund values.

We focus on using simple language and only one or two key messages in each communication, using different channels to make it accessible to all members. Around 60% of members routinely open our email communications.

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